Monday, September 21, 2009

Soap Box Monday

Not that the internet is lacking in forums for people to post their piss-n-vinegar, but as a chef, I naturally like to stir the pot.

This weekend, my family and I were having a quiet breakfast in town at a local coffee and togo shop.  A woman came in and began to systematically tear into the counter help for NOT having her quiche.  And, when she was told they did have it, she ripped into him about how the last time she got it, she returned it because it wasn't cut right and it wasn't made by "the chef".  "B" explained that this quiche had indeed been made by the chef.  Her next complaint was that if it hadn't, it wouldn't have set properly.  Mind you, the entire time, every little detail she was complaining about, had been corrected from her last visit.  Yet, this witch continued to ride poor "B".

It was before 8am and things were still coming together in the shop, but Cruella was growing dangerously impatient.  She began leaning into the kitchen window and peering in the door asking, "WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG??!!"  "B" asked his boys to step it up, and this was when she went too far.  Upon looking in the kitchen, she growled, "They're putting it in the OVEN!  Why are they doing that??  I want to taste it first- because if it's not right, I don't want it, and..."  

I had already exchanged looks of disbelief with my wife, but this is where I jumped in.  "Lady, would you let these people do their jobs!?", I spat.  
"It's really none of your business!"
"Well, it's becoming my business because I have no choice but to listen to your ranting!  And you're ruining my family's breakfast!!"
She turned her beak up and said, "Well, I'm-  sorry!"  
"No.  You're not."

She went back to needling "B" and tasted the quiche.  For a moment, it looked like she was going to refuse it, but then I thought, "This shrew came in here for two things: to get her quiche, and make people as miserable as possible."  

She had succeeded in both.  

Ever go off on someone like this?  Let it all out- start your week with a clear slate.


snack said...

this story would be better with real names

Robear said...

Toscana ToGo, Bill and i don't know the bitch's name!


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