Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Labor of Love

Greetings, my fellow slaves to the fork and cork!  I have been remiss in my posting, I know.  However, it's because there has been an unusually heavy workload since my last post, and I haven't had the time to post.  I have had, however, many things I've wanted to chat about, from Philly's shake-up in Four Bell recipients earlier this month by critic Craig LaBan, to the imminent Mid-Atlantic Food and Wine Feast coming to town next week.  And, certainly not least, the BIG news of the changing of le garde at Le Bec Fin.  

But, in the spirit of getting something out there for you, I've decided to post some random (ok, I mean favorite) shots of some dinners and events over the last six weeks.  Here's what we've been up to...

Aha!  Evidence that I was literally buried in work!  Working on plating design for our New Year's Eve Black Tie Chef's Table at the Club.  

Getting inspiration from Eleven Madison Park for the Kobe Beef Filet we served.  It ended up looking nothing like this- but sparks went off, just the same.

Rosti potato canape with Oyster Creme Fraiche and Caviar.  The oysters were vigorously stirred into the cream to release their briny flavor.  

"Chip and Neal", my sous chefs, are plating the foie gras torchon on a pear blini with burnt honey.  (They are, actually, Stephen and Drew.  But who's keeping track?)

This sous-vide lobster tail in white truffle cream with salsify and crispy spinach leaf was one of several courses for the induction ceremony of the First State Bailliage of les Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotissuers.  And yes- it rocked.

At that same dinner, we prepared baby New Zealand Rack of Veal with king oyster mushroom and baby turnips.
Overseeing the plating of cheese for le Chaine.  Tumalo Farms "Fenacho" is an aged goat cheese from Oregon flavored with fenugreek seed.  It was accompanied by pear relish, Mexican honey and toasted cumin vinaigrette.

The February Chef's Table had a very delicate seafood mousseline inside turbans of Hickory Shad with white asparagus and fines herbs sauce vin blanc.

A welcomed detour for cheese course:  a smoked Amish blue cheese souffle with date and orange marmalade crostini and micro arugula. 

Rich, but not too sweet.  A mascarpone cannoli with caramelized pine nuts and cape gooseberries.

White Winter Truffles.  White chocolate-pistachio, dried cranberry and vanilla-orange. 

Coming soon..."Open Burner Night" at Chez Robert!  The table is dusted off, the pots are polished and the larder is stocked.  See what's created on any given Friday night when the food cognoscenti descend en la maison.


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