Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ska Alert!

If you are of a certain age, you remember the rollicking ska bands of the 80s, led by English lads Madness and the English Beat, who later sired General Public.  Of course, there were many others, just as there were many before them in the early 60s.  The sound of the 80s ska borrows from the original Jamaican ska, which was a slower reggae beat with lots of brass and loopy bass lines.  

There are many bands that helped create the signature sound of ska, but none so much as The Skatalites.  The premier ska band, they are responsible for planting the roots of a music tree whose branches include the styles of rocksteady, reggae, rap, dub, punk, two-tone, 3rd wave, ska-jazz, ska-core and ragga.  Not only are they still playing, but the legendary band is coming to the Delaware Waterfront this Saturday, July 31! 

The People's Festival Tribute to Bob Marley is now a traditional event here in Wilmington that honors the legacy of the one time resident and legend of reggae.  Included in the sizzling line up along with the Skatalites, Midnite, King Chango, the Bullbuckers, New Orleans' Kirk Joseph, The Master of The SousaFunk and Wilmington-based Spokey Speaky will be performing on two stages throughout the day.  The Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble will also perform.  

Friends: if you are serious about your music, this is a rare opportunity you shouldn't miss.  Tickets for the all day event are a ridiculous $15, or $20 at the gate.   

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