Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cooking by Ratio: So Easy, Even a Caveman Can Do It

Food and techie fans: prepare to have your world rocked. 

Recently, I spoke about "ratio cooks", or cooks who rely on the bare essentials that never change when it comes to cooking.  For example, when faced with the quandry, "How much stock do I use for a pound of risotto", a ratio cook would say that you always use 3:1 liquid to rice.  Whether you use water, stock, wine or a combination of all three, your rice will cook correctly with a 3:1 ratio.  

Michael Ruhlman, author of several books on food, cooking and celebrity cookbooks, and generally considered required reading for any serious cook, has just released an application for smart phones based on his most recent book, Ratio.  It not only contains the 30 or so ratios of which I speak, but also calculates and converts recipes at the touch of a button or two, has tips on technique (for those a little rusty), and weights and measures conversions.  The future of convenient cooking is here!  And, it costs only $5.


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