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Sometimes I miss Facebook.  Sometimes.  I ditched it last year in the Spring after an epiphany.  The epiphany was more like the blunt realization that I was wasting huge amounts of time.  But, I enjoyed writing posts that weren't necessarily part of a thesis or blog topic, per se.  Random, opinionated observations.  And so, here are some recent ones.

Upon launching the newly revamped website for, the first bolded, marquee headline of our illustrious local news source read, "Was Lyndsay Lohan's Dress Appropriate for Court"? This, of course, during the historic tumult in the Middle East. "Well," I thought, "at least we're rid of that annoying-as-shit Horizon Heating and Plumbing ad that scrolls up and down like a yo-yo every single time you move your cursor, much less move it over the ad."  In comparison, that ad seemed harmless compared now to the one Horizon has graduated to:  the full-on, top of the page, gradual unfolding ad banner that even folds back up slowly when you hit "close".  Like one Facebooker said of Delaware Online website:  they have more pop-ups than a porn site.

Current favorite random t-shirt

Today, it was a marvelous high of 70 degrees in Wilmington!  We've had a nice little run, actually, of warm days this week.  But, it was today's weather that actually helped the City of Wilmington regain what has to be about 20% of it's parking.  Granted, there are still some major icebergs, but mostly in major parking lots where there is, well- major parking.  But, Trolley Square was starting to resemble a Third World country with streets more suited for tram cars.  What is it about snow that turns normal, college-educated people into complete and total idiots?  

I'm really digging the new show on the Independent Film Channel, Portlandia. Most people I've talked to have heard of it.  I read a little blurb about it last month and decided to give it a shot.  Having never been to Portland, I have spent more than a fair-share of latte time hanging out with people who lived there.  Let's just say, it's dead on.  Created by and starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, it's a half-hour of random characters and situations that poke fun at the infinitely pokable Portlandites.  (Is it me, or is President Obama actually starting to look more like Fred Armisen?"  Anyone who nails a restaurant meme like they did, I'm gonna watch more.

One of the episodes has a cameo by singer Aimee Mann, who plays herself as Fred and Carrie's housekeeper.  Now, I love me some Aimee Mann, but the timing was uncanny, as this week, the refurbished Queen Theatre in Wilmington along with WXPN World Cafe Live announced Mann will play in April!  What could possibly not be any cooler is that the other day while in the car with my 4 year old daughter, I was playing Til Tuesday's "Rip in Heaven"; she sat quietly and listened to it in its entirety, and then asked if I would play it again.  Now we listen to it every day.  She has a great ear, that one. ( BTW, for a great laugh, click on the link above to watch Dave Letterman introduce TT in the late 80s on his show.  Aimee?  HOT.  Dave?  Not so much.)

Speaking of hot blonds from the 80s:  Debbie Harry and Blondie have a new album coming out this year, Panic of Girls. They've announced tour dates for Europe, as well. 

In Lambertville, New Jersey sits a little restaurant that has to be one of my favorite places, Hamilton's Grill Room.  I'm not going to tell you stories about the food, atmosphere or times I've eaten there.  Go there yourself and try it.  But, what I do want to talk about is a local artist who captures one of my favorite genres in painting, en plein airRobert Beck of Buck's County, PA exquisitely captures the feel of an open restaurant kitchen, crowded terrace or dining room, including those of Hamilton's.  His is the kind of painting that makes you want to climb in, order a drink and let the buzz of a place build. It's like a snapshot of a time you wish you had spent.  Please visit his site, but more than that, go visit his gallery and say, "hello".  And stop at The Boathouse for a drink, while you're at it.
No. 9 Kitchen  by Robert Beck

Phillies fever is really starting to take hold for me, now.  It's so nice to be able to pick and choose articles about the players readying for the 2011 season while ignoring the elephant in the room, if you choose to.  For those sports writers outside of Philadelphia, there is nothing else to talk about other than the Phils' boning their season despite the once-in-a-lifetime pitching rotation.  I"m not even going to speculate.  But, I'll say this:  I like their chances.  

This was fun.  Let's do it again, soon...

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