Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Songs About Buildings and Food

Everyone seems to think they know about music from 1978.  Ignoring the simultaneous exploding genres of disco, country and western and metal, there were bands making music that didn't fit any mold, and as such, they were largely missed by Americans.  Kraftwerk,  O.M.D. and Talking Heads arguably did their best and most unique work in the late 70s.  

More Songs About Buildings and Food is the second album from TH.  Its jangly, bouncy guitar riffs and hyper drum beats career through funk and reggae with pschobilly reverberation echoed by David Byrne's stranger-than-life voice and lyrics.  To say the album was ahead of its time is a huge understatement.  But then, so was the band.  No performance captures the genius of Talking Heads more for me than this clip of "Found a Job" from the More Songs... album.  It's from the 1984 film Stop Making Sense directed by Johnathan Demme.  It's 3 and half minutes of the four members doing what they do best. 

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