Monday, May 24, 2010

Enjoy the Silence

Sometimes we all need a quiet moment to reflect.  Music, reading and of course, a great meal are all wonderful forms of passive relaxation.  But, I find that going to a museum to wander with no specific course or exit time is my favorite secret selfish pleasure.  Here then, on this drippy, drizzly Monday, are some random favorites to ponder.  Quietly.


Anonymous said...

Did you know Rothko was originally a Latvian? Well, I do not understand him anyway, to be frank.

R said...

Xan! It had to be you- only you would know Rothko was from Latvia. You're full of interesting facts. Thanks for the visit!

David McDuff said...

Hmm, quite right. I never knew Rothko was Latvian but I've always enjoyed and felt a certain understanding of his work. I dig his piece and the Modigliani, in particular. Thanks for sharing, Ro.


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