Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Sunday Playlist

My "holy" day has always been, and always will be Sunday.  I live in a world that doesn't observe a traditional seven day week.  You know, a beginning and an end?  So, when Sunday arrives, I really would rather not play restaurant, and take a few steps back and behave (however naive) as a civilian.  

Rituals are ok, mind you.  I'm not that OCD to freak if I don't get all my goodies.  But, if we're gonna go there, I need my NYT and from the moment I rise, there needs to be music.  It matters not what else is going on- just keep it playing.  

I'm partial to Beatles early in the day, because of my attachment to Brunch with the Beatles on 98 WOGL.  But, I'm also sentimental for Syd Marks' Sinatra show.  And then from my days of working brunch at the Virginia in Cape May, I love the sounds of Donald Fagan and Steely Dan, as well as VH1 faves like Annie Lennox and The Cowboy Junkies.  I love the early radio sounds of Ella Fitzgerald.  I dig 80s ballads from artists like Aimee Mann from Til Tuesday and Bryan Ferry.  
The requisite for making it to the ever growing Sunday playlist is songs that make you NOT want to leave your chair.  I may hit the "genius" button every once and awhile on the Itunes, but I've been accumulating a play list for Sundays that allows the likes of Autour de Lucie to mingle with the likes of Tony Bennett and Herbie Hancock.  

Bagels or muffins?  French toast or pancakes?  Bacon or sausage?  Is there a wrong answer?  No.  They are all just variations on a wonderful theme.  Six hours of bliss.  It's the only time when it's legal to walk around in your PJs at 2pm or eat eggs as your first meal at 1pm.  How about just stumbling outside to garden with not a care if the phone rings or if the front door is locked? 

What are your Sunday rituals?  What fills your soul on a Sunday morning?  And, lay it on me- what's in YOUR Sunday playlist?

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