Friday, August 28, 2009

Once You Go Black...

I know one thing people hate about blogs is when someone pops the lid open on a hidden gem of a restaurant, the last few bottles of a J.L. Columbo Cotes du Rhone in Delaware (you can't get him here anymore) or where to find the best tomatoes (aint tellin').  But this one I have to share.  Black Lab Breads, in the former DiFonzo's Bakery on Union at Howland Street (ahem) makes what has to be the best pumpernickel bread I've ever eaten.  Yes- yes, we know- they make other great breads; but this one is only made on Saturdays, folks.  And when it's gone, it's gone.  The thing is, it's never gone, because people don't know how good it is.  Among other ingredients, it's made with chocolate and coffee.  Yeah, I know.
Take one home.  Let him sit out awhile.  Tap it gently until it starts to sound a little hollow- then- go to work!  Get out the mustard, the sausages, or go the other route and toast it with some delicious whole butter or jam.  It's BANGIN' with chili.  Skip the bagel and slather some cream cheese and lox with capers, red onion and August tomatoes (don't forget the cracked black pepper), and you're livin' large.  I guar-on-TEE.  It's just as great the next day, even left out.  And it freezes nicely; but, if you don't eat it within a week, don't bother getting one. 


[bmw] said...

I think I know where I'll be this Saturday, thanks for sharing the inside line. Do you have any recommendations for the best style of mustard accompaniment?

Robear said...

Hey B
Yeah- a really good Dijon is the way to go. Trader Joe's has an excellent one. Of course, if you get up to Philly and hit one of the markets, you'll find all kinds of goodies to spread, including really pungent Dijon. Enjoy!


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