Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"...And then- there's Copper...!"

It's that time of the year again, in Delaware, when we are rewarded for living in a state with no sales tax and enormous tax loopholes for huge businesses to incorporate!  I mean- uhmm, er, uh- Christmas!  For cooks, chefs and gastronauts alike, it also means the Emile Henry/Mauviel Warehouse Sale in New Castle.  And if you're a copper ho, like me, you'll be wanting to add another piece to your collection.  Yes, Mauviel also makes a gorgeous stainless steel collection, but, none gives the love that French copper gives a cook.  Glorious, gleaming, heavy-duty copper sauteuses and sautoirs, roasters and rondeaus, round paella and oval Dutch ovens, and the precious 1/4 quart cocotte for the escargots lover.  They give the feeling of preparing a meal for royalty.  The touch of one in your hand is like holding a precious stringed instrument or rare bottle of wine. 

Along with Emile-Henry cookware, Rősle stainless steel utensils, Cuisipro multi-purpose kitchen gadgets and other high-quality brands of kitchen helpers, the annual event is now a three-day warehouse sale that is open to the public, offering them the chance to purchase all that these companies stock at up to 80% off the retail price.  My new 2012 Slogan:  "Copper: It Costs Money, Because It SAVES Money!"

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