Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chef Quote of the Week: Olivier Desaintmartin

"The true French bistro still needs to be owned by a French chef, because we grew up with this cuisine. We know all the stories behind it because our mothers made those dishes."

Philadelphia chef and bistro owner Olivier de St. Martin has some other choice words for the faux-bistro craze that's hit big cities.

He serves a classic duck for two at his Zinc Bistro au Vins, complete with silver bone crushing duck press for every last drop of ducky goodness.
"You're eating the duck in his own juices," Desaintmartin said. "To me, that's respecting the animal. You're using everything. And there's nothing else added. You order a duck, you get a duck. You order a hare, you get a hare. Nowadays, you go somewhere and, say, order tuna, and what do you get? Four ounces of tuna and then a bunch of b------- around it."  Original article- Philadelphia Daily News

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