Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pithy Remarks

Are you cooking yet this spring?  If so, what are you cooking?  There are several ways to take advantage of seasonal delights, and one of my favorites is infusing the many types of citrus available to us.

Meyer Lemons and Blood Oranges are among the most common citrus fruits we see in spring.  Grapefruits and pomelos also show up, as well as kumquats.  They add bright notes to a salad or fish dish, but consider them for what they are (an acid), and they're a game changer.  

Last weekend, I made an asparagus salad (just blanched) with julienne radish, shaved parmesan and shallot-citrus vinaigrette.  This is true seasonal cooking.  Just replace your vinegar with a combination of citrus juices, and use a fruity olive oil.  Fresh herbs are another way to brighten the dish.  Also, don't neglect the oil-rich rinds of these seasonal gems.  They're loaded with flavor that can be extracted, zested, infused or candied.  Or, if you're old fashioned, twist a little in your martini.

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