Monday, October 4, 2010

Chef Quote of the Week: Alain Ducasse

"Cuisine has become too complicated -- this is about subject, verb, adjective: duck, turnips, sauce." 
Alain Ducasse

They don't call them The Masters for nothing.  The great living chefs of French cuisine aren't just about French cuisine.  They just happen to live and practice their craft in the country that all classical cooking is routed in.  Their set of standards and practices are held dear by the most revered chefs in the world.  Alain Ducasse holds the most Michelin stars of any chef (now or ever) in the world.  And, so when he (or any of the others) steps up to the plate (ahem) to say something, we listen. 

Yet, his world class commitment to excellence has humble beginnings; the home.  Our earliest (and often fondest) memories of food come from the hearth of la famille.  Our mothers, our grandmothers- our family.   In another quote from the same interview, Ducasse adds, "I want to remind people of the taste of bread and butter... the best bread, toasted just so, and served with butter at exactly the right temperature," he enthused, wolfing down slice after fragrant slice of the thick, crusty bread sourced from one of Paris' best boulangeries.

The new trend, les cuisine simple?  I am SO on board with you, Chef. 


Velva said...

Food is powerful. Perhaps because it is life sustaining. The simple grace of sharing a meal can create a lifetime memory.

Your post is proof that food can be simple, not complicated to create lifetime experience.

R said...

Well said, Velva. And speaking of "simple" and "powerful"- I encourage my followers to visit my friend Velva's most beautiful and excellent blog, !


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