Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Phils in Phirst!

Hey how about those Phirst place Phils?  This isn't the first post paying homage to the great Fall classic and our boys in red, and it won't be the last.  Seeing the Phils play the way they played last night makes me excited for the kind of baseball that comes when the weather turns cool, leaves turn to red and kids return to school.  Got any Phillies stories you'd like to share?  How about your favorite meal to eat/cook while watching a game?  Mine?  Something cold, malted and slightly aged- twelve ounces at a time, baby.


Anonymous said...

When I was a wee lass...(8-12) My family held the 'Sunday Home Game Season Tickets Package' (I don't remember what they were called, or if they even still have them, but for the sake of all, I hope they do!) So every Sunday Home Game, my family would pack a picnic lunch of subs, chips and soda (you could bring your own back then) and head up to Vet Stadium for the game.
These were the days of Mike Schmidt, Bob Boone, Greg Luzinski, Steve Carlton, Larry Bowa, Ted Sizemore, Garry Maddox, and last by NO WHERE NEAR LEAST IN MY BOOK, #21 Jay Johnstone...(dreamy staring off in space for a moment...annnnnd I'm back.)
I remember the feeling of walking through the ramparts to the opening for our seats and the chill I felt when that certain shade of green widened before my eyes. You can't replicate that shade of green, but in my minds eye, it's green as heaven.
Our seats were referred to as 'nosebleed', but it didn't matter...we always moved down as the game started and no one was looking...alway to the spot right behind Mr. Johnstone in right field. I kept my eyes trained on him and waited for a turn and a wink. I was sure I got one EVERY game!
They traded Mr. Johnstone in '78 I think...sad days for a young girl with a crush. Sitting behind him on Sundays was the closest think I will ever have to 'a brush with greatness'
Shortly thereafter, other things I grew into a teenager with interests out side of baseball and replaced my Jay poster with Andy Gibb...(I heard you snicker!)We stopped going to the games. My family grew apart with all their different interests.
Years past, we moved away from the 'Phillies Zone' we all live in the 'Red Sox Zone' and try as I may, I can't recreate the excitement of those Philly games from the mid-1970's. You really can't go home again, can you?

R said...
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R said...

A GREAT memory! Funny how JJ didn't survive the test of Philly phandom, but I share the same awe of walking into the stands of Veteran's Stadium as a first-time future fan. I hope you do recall having marched in right-center field as part of the Colonial Marching Band, bedazzled by the dizzying lights and disorienting acoustics!
Baseball is all about loyalty and memory. When both are fading, it's easier to forget. But, when the bats are there and relief is coming through, and the clutch hitters and runners make or break the game, it's not just fun, it's worth cataloging in the diary of life's greatest moments!


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