Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Fungi to Be Around: UPDATED

Below are some photos of the final dishes from last night's mushroom dinner.  Thanks to everyone for joining us and sticking around to route the Phillies on to another pennant title!!

Yesterday we began putting things together for tonight's Mushroom dinner.  I always get excited when product starts to arrive for these dinners.  And yesterday the kitchen was burning on all cylinders to get ready.  Here are some shots of a work in progress to get you excited, too.

Some perspective on what 10 pounds of wild maitake's look like.

Gorgeous chicken of the woods, also wild.  These, along with the stems from maitake's make up the first course soup: chestnut and mushroom bisque with mapled double-smoked bacon


More maitakes, cleaned and ready for roasting.  The aroma was nothing short of dizzying.


These are the feathers, or gills of portobello mushrooms.  When dried, they bare a strong resemblance to truffles.  We'll use them in the sauce for the lamb sirloin.


Beech, Royal Trumpet and Shiitakes


Royal trumpets get a roasting for the lasagnette, along with beech and maitakes.

Building the lasagna.
A robiola bechamel with hand-packed sheep's milk ricotta and fresh herbs binds the layers together.

Layer 2

Final layer #3

Into the oven and...


Pumpkin creme brulee waits for its caramelly, crunchy top.

Today, we'll be working on the lamb sirloin with Brussels sprout leaves and truffle demi-glace.  Also, the hors d'oeuvres of portobello satay, lobster and sausage stuffed crimini mushrooms and shiitake spanakopita.  

These dishes are paired with the Spanish portfolio of Jorge Ordonez wines, including rose, rioja blanco, tempranillo, monastrell, old vines grenache and muscat.  

Time to get back in the kitchen!  See you tonight...

Lobster and Andouille Stuffed Mushrooms

Shiitake spanakopita was filled with feta and sauteed spinach

Portobello satays marinated for 24 hours and then were grilled and served with a horseradish cream

chestnut and chicken of the woods bisque with maple double-smoked bacon

The finished three mushroom lasagnette with robiola.

Sirloin of Lamb with rosemary and Brussels sprout leaves was heaped with black truffles

Pumpkin creme brulee
The wines were all dynamite with the courses.  Thanks to Kevin Malarkey from the Country Vintner and the crew from Frank's Union Wine Mart!   

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